De Cortez Restaurant 
Located at the Sheraton Grand Los Cabos, Hacienda Del Mar, Cabo del Sol Community · Corredor Turistico Km. 10 - Lote D - ZIP: 23410 · Cabo San Lucas · Baja California Sur  · 
Mexico · 
Phone: 52 624 1456113 & 1458000ext. 24087 · 
Fax: 52 624 145 8008 · 


 The restaurant that was known as a Steak House, has now a new contemporary concept.   This means: still have the finest cuts but now they are all grilled over mezquite embers. The new concept of the restaurant according to the Executive Chef Manuel De Luca is: “Fresh produce from local markets, delectable select seafood from the cold waters of the Pacific and Sea of Cortez as well as the finest cuts of meat, all grilled over mezquite embers, using classic techniques”.
   An important observation is that our steaks are Angus quality and are accompanied with the Chef’s selection of sauces.
  Start your meal with shrimps with bell peppers sauce, onion, parsley, tomato and buttera cocktail  or the delicious mussels cream and sea emulsionand. Move on to your main plate, that could be a Chef`s selection or specialities from the grill. For the grand finale: try one of our decadent desserts.

  Pair these culinary works of art with world-class wines, and you’ll know you have dined well.